User Interface Design

All LabVIEW applications look the same right? Wrong! LabVIEW allows you to customise your UI (User Interface) in order to create professional looking applications in line with your company’s brand. … more 

Code Review and Architecture Design

Control Software Solutions can provide professional, quality feedback on your existing LabVIEW applications. For a fixed price we can perform an independent code review providing you with a report with … more 

Hardware and Software Selection and Specification

Control Software Solutions are experts in the use of software and hardware systems for measurement and control applications, and with more than a decade of experience using National Instruments products … more 

Requirement Specification

Generating the requirements for your software development project can be time-consuming and daunting. Even if you know what you want your software to do you might not have the time … more 

Software Design and Development

We are confident that we are able to offer complete solutions to meet the requirements of any project and as a result we are happy to work on a fixed … more