North West LabVIEW User Group

David Maidman – Control Software Solutions

Control Software Solutions are pleased to announce that we will be organising the North West LabVIEW User Group from August 2019.  

The next meeting will be: 

  • August 14th, 2019  
  • 12:30pm to 5:00pm 
  • University of Manchester, Ferranti Building, Room C30, M13 9PL

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What we want to achieve 

In organising the North West LabVIEW User Group, we hope to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Introduce new users to LabVIEW 
  • Improve development practices amongst all LabVIEW Users by sharing knowledge and experiences 
  • Improve people’s understanding of the capabilities of LabVIEW and dispel common myths.  
  • Keep up to date on latest improvements to the LabVIEW environment 
  • Help to address technical problems faced by users of LabVIEW 
  • Show how LabVIEW can be used with a variety of hardware platforms 

Community Feedback

For the group to be a success it is important that it meets the needs of the community. For this reason, we would love to hear from you.  

Give us your feedback 

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